Monday, July 22, 2013

You're Doing It Right

Hurray for an empty seat!

I am a Stay-At-Home Mom to two wonderful kids. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be at home with them, teaching them and witnessing all of their milestones. There are many moments of joy in my chosen profession. Of course, as any parent knows, it's not all sunshine and butterflies. Some days are REALLY HARD! Days when the three year old seems to only have a high-pitched, whiny voice. Days when the baby decides he'd rather fuss than nap. Thankfully, all of the little joys - like when the baby gives a big belly laugh and squeal, and when the three year old plays tenderly with her younger brother and tells you she loves you - are able to erase some of the moments of frustration.

During those tough days, I can take these normal occurrences with small children and blame myself. I'm not being patient enough. I'm not spending enough individual time with the kids. I'm not teaching them how to properly deal with frustration. These are they days when I really need encouragement and hope. Days when I need to know that this part of life is a phase - both the good parts and the not so good ones. I need to know that my kids will turn out just fine and know that I love them. I need to know that I'm not alone in my struggle. I need someone to tell me that I am a good mom and am doing a good job. Thankfully, the Lord tends to provide these at just the right time. Sometimes a friend emails me someone else's blog post about motherhood. Other times I find a link on Facebook.  The most precious to me are when someone close to me speaks affirming words directly to me.

My husband is amazing. I have learned a lot more about his character since we've become parents together. He is so considerate of me, especially in my role as the primary caregiver of our children. Last week I was traveling home with the children via airplane. It was my first time trying to wrangle both kids on my own (quite an experience, but you'll hear more about that another time). It was going fairly well until lunch time. Here is the text conversation with my husband.

Me: Having lunch with [family]. So far not too bad [the trip - tempting fate, perhaps?].

PB: Nice. Have fun, tell them hello for me. Your flight is still showing on time according to the interweb.

Me (an hour later): BB chugged a bunch of water at lunch and threw up some of it. She's fine. I got a little wet.

PB: Funnn. On the bright side you might not have to go to the bathroom as much on the plane.

Me: I think I may smell a little. :-/

PB: If anyone asks, tell them it's the smell of the world's greatest mom.

I'm sure you can imagine how greatly that improved my mood and supported me for the remainder of our trip. Words are so powerful. I hope that you are aware of this and will strive to encourage others, especially moms. I know none of us who are already receiving too many kudos on the job we are doing.

What was the last encouraging thing someone said to you?

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