Friday, April 25, 2014

If the Bible Is True...

In our community group, we have been watching a video series by Timothy Keller called The Reason for God. It has led to some interesting discussions about objections people have to the Bible and Christianity. Through the series an interesting question was posed. Do some people really object to the accuracy and validity of the Bible itself or do they object to the Bible because admitting it's truth would mean a need to change parts of their lives?

I definitely think some people don't want to have to change parts of their lifestyles that conflict with things God says and Jesus taught. I still struggle with things in the Bible - what I understand it to say constantly challenges things I think and do (or don't do). 

I also know how daunting it is to see how short my life and efforts fall compared to what how the Bible is calling me to live. I have spent years trying and failing. Only recently have I more fully grasped the true meaning of grace. I now understand that *I* can't change my selfish, sinful nature. Only with God working in me through the Holy Spirit do I have any hope of living a life that loves others well and brings glory to God.

That's why I need Jesus. Jesus is the one who lived the perfect life, died for my sins and conquered death so that I can be reconciled to God. Without Jesus, I am stuck in my sin and all of my efforts at doing good are in vain. With Jesus, he is my righteousness that makes me right with God. Praise God for his great love for me (and us)!
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